Vintage Restoration

We do a lot of vintage refinishing.
Many old Fenders and Gibsons have been poorly refinished. Some might have many layers of different paints, this muffles the sound and can completely kill the tone. In many cases the refinishing has the wrong colour or just does not look right. If you are lucky, the body shape is not altered. A lot of times though, the edges have been aggressively sanded to the wrong shape. Especially around the neck pocket. This might be hard to fix, but not impossible.

We make the vintage instruments look as they would have done with the original finish. Some owners want them to look new and age over time and some want to have really worn finishes. Most of the time we are asked to match the neck and the hardware for a realistic aged look.

Of course we use traditional nitrocellulose finishes and traditional time consuming methods. We strip away any old paint that is not original and start over for the correct finish. We have all the different Fender Custom Colors and we can of course do any other vintage finish, be it Gibson, Burns, Rickenbacker, Hagström, Hofner or Gretsch or…..